ℹ️ Transfer tokens to KCC

How to transfer tokens to KCC.
How can I transfer my tokens over to KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)? There are a few different methods you can use to transfer tokens to the KCC network.
Method 1: Cross Chain Bridge There are two bridges available that support KCC, the official KCC Bridge ( and AnySwap ( Connect your wallet to the bridge and select which token you want to transfer and how much. You will have to pay a network transaction fee on the network you are transferring tokens from to send your tokens to the bridge service of your choice. You will also have to pay a transfer fee. The transfer fee for KCC Bridge is 0.01 ETH (currently free during the trail period) and 0.02 ETH for AnySwap.
Method 2: Exchange This method involves sending your tokens to an exchange that supports KCC wallets. KuCoin Exchange ( is currently the only exchange available that supports KCC wallets. KuCoin Exchange currently only supports KCS, USDT and USDC transfers to KCC wallets. You can send your tokens to KuCoin Exchange (if they have wallet support for your chosen token and network) and trade them for KCS, USDT or USDC and withdraw them to your KCC wallet. Your KCC wallet address will be the same as your ETH address and so on.