ℹ️ Overview

Loyalty Staking Dividends (LSD) program is a sustainable reward system that provides ever-increasing rewards to loyal holders.
Loyalty Staking Dividends program is a unique feature of TIKU DeFi that provides sustainable rewards to loyal holders, increases TIKU trading volume, and decreases TIKU supply by burning it.
LSD bag is a non-fungible token (NFT) created by staking the TIKU token (knotting the bag). The LSD Bag then represents the holder's share of the LSD Fund and the holder's voting power in the LSD Fund governance. The value of the LSD Bag is computed as amount * age of the bag.
LSD fund is a sustainable farming fund that is governed by the LSD Bag holders. The fund earns rewards by farming and staking in multiple pools. The rewards are then used for the TIKU token buyback and burn, dividends for LSD Bag holders, and auto-compounding of the fund assets.
Overview of the LSD program