ℹ️ Introduction

Introduction to TIKU DeFi project.
TIKU is a decentralized finance project running on KuCoin Community Chain. Its main currency is called $TIKU token, which is used as a rewarding and governance token.
The first rewarding feature of TIKU was automatically paid $KCS redistribution among TIKU holders. This distribution model motivates holders to hold TIKU token in order to get the rewards and also decreases the selling pressure as the holders are rewarded in the $KCS and therefore don't need to sell to realize their gains.
However, the auto-paid distribution of KCS is dependent on a trading volume. In order to mitigate this shortcoming and motivate holders to hold, the Loyalty Staking Dividends program (LSD) was proposed. LSD program is a sustainable reward system that provides ever-increasing rewards to loyal holders. The rewards are paid from the LSD fund based on the LSD Bag holdings. LSD Bag represents holder's shares of the fund. LSD fund is a decentralized farming fund governed by the community.
TIKU token is traded on KoffeeSwap.
TIKU Contract Address: 0xd4b52510719c594514ce7fed6cc876c03278ccf8
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